Ashley Greene Demi Lovato Joe Jonas fight – Ashley Greene spilled details about Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas the old fight that just won’t go away with Allure Magazine November 2011.

Ashley Greene Demi Lovato Joe Jonas Fight
According to Ashley Greene her fight with Demi Lovato about Joe Jonas was a non event and there is no on going fued or bad blood between the two women.

Ashley Greene Demi Lovato Altercation

The rumor about Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato getting into an altercation over Joe Jonas caused Ashely to roll her eyes during the interview. Ashley maintains that nothing negative ever went down and that she is pleased Demi is doing so well.

Ashley likened her and Demi’s fight rumors to those that still abound regarding Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. “She and I never had a problem with each other,” the 24-year-old told the magazine. “But, you know, it doesn’t go away…. Jen Aniston still gets asked about Angelina Jolie.”

Ashley Greene said she’s keeping a ‘low profile’ with the media by staying out of the clubbing scene and not having a man in her life (at the moment) But it’s hard to forget that Ashley’s breakup with Joe Jonas in March, led major ‘dating’ rumors with guys such as her “Twilight” costar Jackson Rathbone, Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane.

As with the old Demi Lovato altercation rumor, Ashley Greene seems to feel the heavy weight of all the gossip that gets dished about her life. Ashley told Allure that if she took time to comment on all the rumors, she would never have time for her job.

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