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Justin Bieber Grabs SelGo’s Butt

Justin Bieber Grabs SelGos Butt – Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are caught in a butt grab photo by media hounds during their recent trip to Washington DC. Justin Bieber playfully grabs SelGos butt in one photo, no harm no foul, we all know that the Biebs has a hard time keeping his hands to [...]

Tristyn Yeater Justin Bieber Baby?

Tristyn Yeater Justin Bieber Baby – Mariah Yeater is making claims the baby Tristyn Yeater is Justin Bieber’s child all based on a backstage quickie. Tristyn Yeater is the name of the baby Justin Bieber is being accused of fathering by Mariah Yeater currently featured on the cover of sleazy gossip magazine The Star. Mariah [...]

SelGo Got A New Puppy

SelGo Got A New Puppy – Selena and Justin got a new puppy while touring in Canada and the ten week old Husky mix is adorable in these photos. It appears that Selena and Justin just became parents to a cute 10 week old puppy they named Baylor. The puppy has been keeping SelGo company [...]

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