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Selena Gomez Super Bass

Selena Gomez Super Bass – Selena Gomez covered Super Bass a Nicki Minaj song during her recent concert this weekend video and pictures. Check out Selena Gomez Super Bass performance as she follows the lead of her BFF Taylor Swift doing a Nicki Minaj cover “Super Bass” during her recent concerts. Selena Gomez doing Nicki [...]

Selena Gomez Birthday Present 2011

Selena Gomez Birthday Present 2011 – Selena Gomez birthday present 2011 is one birthday wish to have the day off and go to the beach with friends pictures and video. For Selena Gomez, the biggest birthday present she could ask for is for friends to give to charity, donating to causes they believe in! In [...]

Selena Gomez Childrens Hospital

Selena Gomez Childrens Hospital – Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez were at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia for charity business launching The Voice an interactive multimedia center by Seacrest’s foundation.  The Selena Gomez Children’s Hospital T-shirt for The Voice charity ribbon-cutting was a big hit with patients and staff and she spent time with the kids doing it [...]

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