Demi Lovato Weight Gain 2011 – Check out Demi Lovato hits back at cruelty about her weight gain after the MTV VMA 2011 show.

 Demi Lovato Weight Gain 2011

After rehab, Demi Lovato gained weight in 2011, but it was to be expected and these before and after pictures show the ‘Unbroken’ singer looking fantastic with her new shape.

Demi Lovato Weight Gain Post Rehab

On Twitter Demi Lovato’s weight gain post rehab became the source of cruel comments and it seems a few got to her when she tweeted back: ‘I’ve gained weight. Get over it. That’s what happens when you get out of treatment for AN EATING DISORDER.’ 

Demi Lovato Weight Gain Before And After

Many fans loved how Demi Lovato looked as before and after pics of the singers weight gain circulated on the internet. We love Demi Lovato and think she’s looking better than ever, with her weight now perfect as she has her body battle under control!

Demi did a great tweet later on, after reconsidering her first response to the weight critics: ‘Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t.’

And just for the record, we thought how Demi handled herself running into Joe Jonas was awesome. What did you think?

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