Selena Gomez Birthday July 22 – Don’t forget Selena Gomez birthday July 22 send a present and have cake in honor of the birthday girl.

Selena Gomez Birthday July 22

For Selena Gomez’s birthday on July 22nd the Biebs can’t be there, so Selena has opted to have a low key celebration with family members.

Selena Gomez Birthday Present 2011

Do a Selena Gomez birthday present via Twitter by tweeting your support for the beautiful actress and  have some birthday cake in her honor as well!

Selena Gomez's Birthday July 22 2011

Selena Gomez’s birthday this week has the singer and actress turning 19 years old which is amazing when you think about all of her accomplishments.

We’re wondering what the Biebs is going to get Selena as a birthday present this year. No doubt it will be something special. Do you think it will be jewelry?

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