Selena Gomez Birthday Present 2011 – Selena Gomez birthday present 2011 is one birthday wish to have the day off and go to the beach with friends pictures and video.

Selena Gomez Birthday Present 2011

For Selena Gomez, the biggest birthday present she could ask for is for friends to give to charity, donating to causes they believe in!

Selena Gomez Birthday Wish

In the video, Selena Gomez has a birthday wish, but says no birthday presents: “I’m lucky I have a a very blessed life. I do have the day off, which is exciting. I’m probably just going to relax and take time for me, be with my friends and go to the beach.”

Selena Gomez Birthday 2011

Selena is celebrating not only her birthday, but friends and family are thrilled to share her excitement at being in the running for the Choice Summer Movie Star: Female, Choice Summer Music Star: Female and new film Monte Carlo received a nod for Choice Summer Movie.

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