Selena Gomez Childrens Hospital – Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez were at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia for charity business launching The Voice an interactive multimedia center by Seacrest’s foundation. 

Selena Gomez Children's Hospital

The Selena Gomez Children’s Hospital T-shirt for The Voice charity ribbon-cutting was a big hit with patients and staff and she spent time with the kids doing it all up right.

Selena Gomez Charity

Selena Gomez cares about charity and is a big supporter of Chidren’s Hospital fund raisers. This is not the first time whe has stepped in to put her name behind such a worthy cause. The Voice allows patients access to TV, radio, and other media-related activities.

Selena Gomez took a minute at the charity event and explained why it was so important of her to come and help Ryan out with this opening:

“I love Ryan. Ryan has been so supportive of me ever since the start of my career … This was an amazing cause. I didn’t exactly even know what he did.”


Check out the video featuring Ryan and Selena at the Selena Gomez Children’s Hospital.