Selena Gomez College – Selena Gomez and Taylor Swifts went to college at Notre Dame University for a day trying to be college students!

Selena Gomez College

The Selena Gomez Taylor Swift college experience was all about the girls visting Taylor’s brother at Notre Dame University and morphed into an idea to pretend to be “students” for a day.

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift College

OMG, Selena Gomez and college, did it add up to what she wanted it to be? Selena Gomez says she and Taylor Swift flunked out of college day, when hoards of students recognized them and started following.

Selena Gomez College Student

Selena Gomez says she and Taylor tried hard to fit into college life, they went to a university store and bought Notre Dame jacket, T shirts and Notre Dame hats.

Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift College

Then the Notre Dame wanna be hotties continued walking the campus, going to the student union and seeing the famous golden dome and stadium.

Unfortunately, when the college duo were spotted, students started following  and security was called. That ended the college day for Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

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