Selena Gomez Diet – Selena must have a really high metabolism because her diet is not the most healthy or weight conscious – but then she looks great so she does not have to do much  to maintain her figure.

Selena Gomez diet

Here is a typical day in Selena’s diet:

Breakfast – She loves the omelette her mom makes and while they are rich in protein, cheese and eggs can be fattening. Suggestion – Keep it to one omelette per week.

Lunch – Selena admits that she does not eat well on the set and while she’s working. She says she is trying to increase her protein intake, so she tries to go for turkey or other meats to increase her energy level.

Dinner – Gomez loves lasagna and we all know that it can be loaded with fat and calories. How to still get what you love and keep the fat and calories down? Use whole wheat pasta, skim ricotta cheese, and use brocolli and mushrooms instead of ground beef. Don’t forget that other cheeses come in lower fat varieties too.

Snacks – Selena says her weaknesses are Snickers and Reeses Pieces. Try this as an alternative: dip dark chocolate squares in low fat peanut butter. Definitely treat yourself, but don’t over-do it!

Selena Gomez diet tips

The Wizards of Waverly Place star doesn’t work out at the gym much, but she doesn’t need to bulk up or work off any muffin top. She’s got a great figure and just keeps herself toned.

Diet routine for Selena

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