Selena Gomez Disney HD – Selena Gomez Disney Channel HD or Disney Pop Stop in London treating fans to songs on videos done exclusively for Disney.

Selena Gomez Disney HD

Selena Gomez launch of Disney Pop Stop show had the singer performing two songs “Who Says” and “Love You Like A Song” both filmed in an exclusive for the Disney Channel to be shown September 2011. Scroll down.

Selena Gomez Disney Pop Stop

Selena Gomez rocked the stage promoting Disney HD Pop Stop show at the Hospital Club in London on Wednesday morning.

Selena Gomez Disney Pop Stop Show

Later, Selena told BBC interviewers that “Love You Like A Love Song” is special to her because of the Biebs, but was very unwilling to comment on their relationship.

Selena Gomez Disney HD Show

One interviewer kept asking Justin Bieber questions when it was clear Selena had a goal and that was promoting her newest venture with Disney. Selena mentioned her hopes for offerring her clothing line in Europe by the fall. Go girl!

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