Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo Pics -  Pics of Selena Gomez Justin tattoo seen at her Las Vegas 2011 show does not seem to be a sign that true love lasts forever.

 Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo Pics

The Selena Gomez Justin tattoo pics, which also show it had a little heart underneath of it and was written in magic marker, made us realize it is sure to fade with time – just like their romance.

Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo Pictures

Do you think the Selena Gomez Justin Bieber tattoo was a prank by Selena to see how many gossip magazines would be writing it up as real ink? Beautiful Selena Gomez’s male fans are probably relieved to see the pictures and that their hot cutie idol wasn’t seriously inked with a tattoo of the Biebs name.

All this on top of JBiebs dishing it out for the media on wanting to be married ‘by 25′ which had tons of Beliebers and the press in a frenzy for days (but we’re pretty sure Selena was laughing!). Promise us Selena, you won’t tattoo that incredible skin with anybody’s name not even Justin Bieber’s!

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