Selena Gomez Perfume – JBs hottie girlfriend Selena Gomez is planning to introduce her own perfume in the coming months.

Selena Gomez perfume

The Selena Gomez Perfume has not been named and the final formula for the scent has not yet been decided. In fact, Selena wants her fans to help decide what the ingredients of her cologne will be.

New Selena Gomez cologne

Later this year, fans will be asked to vote for their favorite ingredients and have a say in it’s final scent. We are wondering if her fragrance will be as popular as Justin Bieber’s signature scent, Someday?

Perfume by Selena Gomez

We don’t know yet whether she will also take input from fans on what to call her new signature perfume. But the first 50,000 participants will receive a sample of the fragrance and will be entered to win a tour of the fragrance lab with SelGo herself!

What would you name the new Selena Gomez Perfume?