Selena Gomez Pressure – Selena Gomez pressure seems to be a driving force as teen star feeling pressured and insecure to fit in Hollywood.

Selena Gomez Pressure

Selena Gomez admits to pressure and insecurities in her candid talk with Glamour magazine about dealing with Hollywood and being a young celebrity.

Selena Gomez Feeling Pressure

The interviewer asked Selena Gomez if she feels pressured to “stay at the top” and taking on projects for which she has no experience causes her anxiety, with Selena responding:

‘Yeah, you have this pressure to fit in and you want people to like you. I try my best to be a good person and be the best I can be.’

Selena Gomez Feeling Pressured
Selena said she takes inspiration from people like Leighton Meester or Katie Cassidy her Monte Carlo co-stars who have experience in acting, becoming good friends on the set of the movie helped.

Selena Gomez Pressure Glamour Magazine

‘I was nervous and intimidated because they are older and had worked on movies before, but they were the best girls I could have been paired up with! They were so sweet and took me under their wing.’

Selena Gomez admitted the pressure of fame comes at a cost and that is loss of personal privacy,  but she claims she wouldn’t change a thing in her life, the people in it or all the attention.

‘Sure, but I think it would be selfish of me to say that, because I asked for this life. I understand that’s part of the job. I just put my head down and continue to walk forward.’

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