SelGo Got A New Puppy – Selena and Justin got a new puppy while touring in Canada and the ten week old Husky mix is adorable in these photos.

Selena Gomez new puppy Baylor

It appears that Selena and Justin just became parents to a cute 10 week old puppy they named Baylor. The puppy has been keeping SelGo company while she’s on tour in Canada while suffering from the flu.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez puppy Baylor

Justin and Selena visited D’Arcy’s A.R.C. animal rescue in in Winnipeg and couldn’t resist the cute little puppy after spending about an hour playing with the pups. Now Selena has another traveling companion on her Canadian concert tour – a romping bundle of fur named Baylor!

Selena will finish touring with The Scene in Montreal on October 30th. Just in time for Halloween, she will have a break and we are thinking that she and Justin will take Baylor trick-or-treating. She continues touring with The Scene on December 2nd in Phoenix, Arizona.

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