Taylor Swift Perfume 2011 – Taylor Swift new perfume for 2011 is Wonderstruck and check out the ad in which Taylor and the perfume bottle are perfect.

Taylor Swift Perfume 2011

Beautiful Taylor Swift perfume for 2011, with the ads making us think about the smell of romance, sparkly dresses and complete boy-craziness, which must be why she called it ‘Wonderstruck’!

Taylor Swift Fragrance 2011

Can’t wait to smell Taylor Swift’s new  fragrance for 2011 in October when it hits the stores. The picture of Taylor in the ads conjure up every girl day dreams about falling in love, with Wonderstruck representing magical feelings of promise and hope and intrigue.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume 2011

We also heard a rumor that while Taylor was imaging the scent for Wonderstruck perfume she was insipired by Owl City’s dreamy, delightful music.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Fragrance 2011

Talk about inspirations both Chord Overstreet and Jake Gyllenhaal could make any girl Wonderstruck, maybe that’s where Taylor was going with the name?

What would you have named Taylor Swift Perfume 2011?